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The Border Consortium’s more than thirty-year journey alongside refugees from Burma/Myanmar has helped ensure that the organisation has become a repository for a unique array of related resources. For access to TBC’s Resource Centre in Bangkok, researchers and others can request an appointment in advance.
Resources available in digital form via the website:
Key Resources
Annual Reports and Six-Month Reports dating back more than three decades, camp population figures and information on internally displaced persons (IDPs) can be found here, along with TBC’s Strategy Plan for 2017-2019, and older Strategic Plans.
TBC’s annual and six-month reports are packed with information including situation updates, camp population statistics, TBC food assistance, livelihoods, nutrition and other programmes, individual refugee profiles, finances, and much more.
The reports on internal displacement provide the most detailed information available on the large numbers of people in southeast Burma/Myanmar who remain displaced from their original home places and who continue to struggle with poverty and uncertainty.
Programme Resources
TBC regularly conducts research on its work and on the situation of refugees in the camps. This section contains reports on nutrition challenges and successes, a handbook on a livelihoods vulnerability assessment, and a variety of evaluations of TBC’s work. There is also information on two special publications that highlight the human dimension of the refugee communities, and a report on the situation of Muslim residents in the camps is available for download.
Partners’ Resources
TBC works with many partners and other organisations that provide resources and information on refugees in Thailand.


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