There are 2 methods available for searching the library catalog. The first one is SIMPLE SEARCH, which is the easiest method of searching the catalog: you just enter any keyword, whether contained in document titles, authors name, or subjects. The search engine looks for words of more than four letters, to eliminate common terms such as 'the' , 'and', 'is' etc. This means you'll have more success finding titles by searching for a longer , less common word that is in the title.

You can also search successfully for phrases by enclosing the phrase in quote marks e.g "lady of no fear"

You can supply more than one keyword in Simple Search but the default Boolean operator in Simple Search is "AND".

This means that adding more keywords will narrow your results unless you include the operator OR.

Example: Entering "women democracy" will find only those items that cover both terms [ = women AND democracy ] . Entering "women OR democracy" will find items that cover "women" plus items that cover "democracy".

 If you find that KEYWORD search returns an error, please search using the ADVANCED SEARCH  , and search by Author or Subject .

ADVANCED SEARCH lets you define keywords in more specific fields. E.g. If you want your keywords only contained in the Author field, then type your keyword in the Author field box and the system will scope its search only on AUTHORS, not in other fields. Location field lets you narrow search results by specific location, so only an item that exists in the selected location is searched for by the system.


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