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Report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar, Thomas H. Andrews

"Thirteen months after launching a coup against the government, an illegal military
junta has waged a relentless war against the people of Myanmar and their fundamental rights.
The results have been devastating. Junta forces have killed at least 1,600 civilians and
displaced over 500,000. Half of the population has fallen into poverty. The World Health
Organization is now projecting that there will be over 47,000 preventable deaths in Myanmar
this year. Thirteen million people face food insecurity.
This report highlights some of the most serious human rights violations in Myanmar
during the period September 2021 through February 2022. It documents the military’s violent
attacks on civilian populations, including airstrikes, mortaring, arson, extrajudicial killings,
and the use of forced labor and human shields. The report describes the junta’s campaign to
arrest and imprison activists, journalists, peaceful protesters and other opponents. It
documents the junta’s criminalization of fundamental rights such as freedom of speech and
assembly. It also shares the experiences of those who have faced torture and other illtreatment
during periods of detention. Many of these attacks constitute probable crimes
against humanity and/or war crimes, and perpetrators must be brought to justice.
The report describes the efforts of the people of Myanmar to oppose the military junta
and defend their nation. Led by large numbers of young people, including many young
women, protest organizers have demonstrated great skill, tenacity and creativity in the
mobilization of opposition despite the near constant threat of imprisonment or death. The
Special Rapporteur is inspired by their conviction and tireless efforts.
To succeed, the people of Myanmar need a much stronger level of support from the
international community. The report concludes with specific recommendations that he urges
UN Security Council and Member States to take."


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