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he Burmese military has ruled and waged civil war within the territory of the union of Burma for many decades. As a result, Kachin and non-Burman ethnicities have been enduring severe hardship, such as impoverishment, and lack of access to health and education. In 1994, a ceasefire agreement was signed between the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO/A) and the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), but did not lead to any political negotiation. Instead, the SPDC took advantage of the agreement to start large-scale extraction of natural resources from the territory of Kachin State.

As a result, Kachin people faced increased threats to their safety, livelihoods and food security. Many young people, potential future leaders, became addicted and died of drug abuse. Lack of development and peace finally caused many Kachin to migrate and seek refuge in foreign countries.

The number of Kachin migrants to Thailand has increased every year, with women outnumbering men. Kachin migrants in Thailand have faced many hardships in terms of shelter, job opportunities, and access to education, with women experiencing particular hardship, and requiring specific support.

The Kachin Women’s Association Thailand-KWAT was therefore established on the 9th of September, 1999 by Kachin women in Thailand in an effort to help address the suffering and hardship of Kachin people in Thailand, and empower women, raise awareness on human rights and political issues, and provide humanitarian support to Kachin communities in Burma."

To promote gender equality and human rights
To eliminate all forms of discrimination and violence against women, and
trafficking in persons
To bring about peace and social justice in Kachin society, encouraging
women’s participation in decision-making processes and political life
To help formulate a health policy that encourages health awareness and
ensures health care for women and children
To bring an end to systematic and widespread abuses of human rights and build a society where social justice prevails
To empower women and emerging young leaders to contribute to development
in our society"


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