As an integrated library automation system, SENAYAN's existing modules include cataloging/bibliography, membership, circulation, masterfile, stock taking (collection inventory), reporting/reporting, serial control management, digital library, and others. other.

Cataloging Module

1) Compliance with AACR2 (Anglo-American Cataloging Rules) standards.

2) Features to create, edit, and delete bibliographic data according to the second level AACR2 bibliographic description standard.

3) Supports collection management in various formats such as monographs, serials, audio visuals, etc.

4) Supports the storage of bibliographic data from sites on the Internet.

5) Supports the use of Barcodes.

6) Collection items management for documents with multiple copies and different formats.

7) Supports XML format for data exchange using the MODS (Metadata Object Description Schema) metadata standard.

8) Built-in collection item/copy barcode printing.

9) Built-in collection spine label printing.

10) Catalog data retrieval via Z3950 protocol to Library of Congress collection database.

11) Management of collections that are lost, under repair, and damaged as well as recording their status for replacement/repair of the collection.

12) Control list for authors (both author persons, bodies/institutions, and meetings) as a standard for writing consistency

13) The regulation of bibliographic data management access rights is only for authorized staff.

Search Module (OPAC/Online Public Access catalog Module)

1) Simple search.

2) Advanced search (Advanced).

3) Support the use of Boolean's Logic and implementation of CQL (Common Query Language).

4) XML-based OPAC Web Services.

5) Supports OPAC access via mobile devices

6) Displays complete information about the status of collections in the library, date of return, and ordering of items/collections

7) Detailed information also displays book cover images, attachments in available electronic format (if any) as well as facilities for displaying audio and visual collections.

8) Provides additional hyperlinks for advanced searches by author, and subject.

Circulation Module

1) Able to process borrowing and returning collections efficiently, effectively and safely.

2) Supports the reservation feature for the collection that is being borrowed, including the reminder/notification.

3) Support fine management feature. Equipped with flexibility for users to pay fines in installments.

4) Supports the reminder feature for various purposes such as blacklisting users who have problems or have exhausted their membership.

5) Supports the calendaring feature to be integrated with the calculation of the loan period, fines, and others.

6) Allows the determination of specific non-standard holidays.

7) Support for various types of users with various loan periods for various types of membership.

8) Save member loan history.

9) Supports the creation of very detailed lending rules by combining membership parameters, collection type, and gmd in addition to standard lending rules by membership type.

Membership Management Module (Membership Management Module) 1) Allows various types of users with various types of loan categories, various types of membership and the differentiation of each circulation service in the number of collections and the length of borrowing for the type of collection for each type/category.

2) Support for input using barcode reader

3) It is possible to store user preference information or subject interest.

4) It is possible to store additional information for reminder purposes at the time of transaction.

5) Allows storing detailed user information that is more complete. 6) Minimum member information search based on member number and name.

7) Making a member card equipped with a barcode for loan transactions.

Collection Inventory Module (Stocktaking Module)

1) The collection inventory process can be done gradually and partially without having to close the library services as a whole.

2) The inventory process can be carried out efficiently and effectively.

3) There is an option to delete data automatically at the end of the inventory process for collections that are considered lost.

Statistics/Reporting Module (Report Module)

1) Includes reporting for all modules available at Senayan.

2) Title Report.

3) Items/Copy collection report.

4) Membership Report.

5) Report on the number of titles based on classification.

6) Delay Report.

7) Various kinds of statistics such as collection statistics, borrowing, membership, collection use.

8) Report display that has been designed printer-friendly, making it easier to print.

9) Complete data filter for every report.

10) API for reporting which is relatively easy to learn to create new custom reports.

Serial Control Management Module

1) Subscription data management.

2) Kardex data management.

3) Management of tracking data for published and existing publications.

4) Allows tracking of data for serial publications with irregular publication schedules (flexible settings).

Miscellaneous Module

1) Multi-language (internationalized) interface support with Gettext.

2) Support for the use of non-Latin letters for data entry and search.


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